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Dear Vickie

We would like to say a big thank you for allowing us to bring Fraser into our family, since having him he has won over everyone he has met (even my mum who isn’t a big animal lover), the children adore him as do Ell and myself. He is always up and ready for his morning strole before I go to work a quick lap of the park before heading home for breakfast, we often walk him with my mother in laws dog (they have become great friends and bound around the park together)! He is growing so quickly (so everyone tells us, we have to compare photo’s to see the difference) I can’t wait until he is bigger and we can start taking him for longer walks in as many different places as we can drive.  We have recently started puppy classes to help us have a well behaved/socialised puppy on his 2nd week when we had our first competition for the fastest sit, he won 1st place! Next weeks’ competition is from walking to down, let’s see if we can get a clean sweep. It is such a joy coming home to Fraser with his big amber eyes and wagging tail, wanting big cuddles and to play with all his toys, I think he may be more spoilt than the children!


All in all he is simply amazing he has brought a lot of joy and happiness into our home. Hopefully his sisters are doing just as-well and I’m sure they are bringing as much joy and happiness to their new parents as Fraser is to us.

Thanks again for letting us bring him into our family and for all the support you have given us when we thought we were doing something wrong.

I have attached some photos below feel free to use them to whatever purpose you need.


Yours gratefully

Matt & Ell










Dear Vickie,

We would just like to thank you for allowing us to add Sasha to our family. Since day one she has fit in perfectly with ourselves and our two children. She’s a pleasure to have around, and brightens everyone’s day with her comical ways! She has also proven to be extremely popular at my place of work, all the customers and suppliers fall in love with her, and always comment on how pretty her face is!

Sasha is a very fast learner, and very keen to learn new tricks! We attend puppy classes once a week, and our trainer has commented on how clever she is. She’s already mastered sit, down, heel & leave it, and we are keen to add to her list of skills as she loves to work for food! She also thoroughly enjoys her walks, and in particular she loves a good climb up the hills.

She is a pleasure to come home to, we are always greeted with a fast wagging tail and lot’s of kisses. She has built up a very strong bond already with our two year old, and together they have great fun running round and playing  I can definitely see a lifelong friendship between them, which is lovely.

I also want to thank you for always being on hand, should we have any questions or concerns. It’s nice to know we have a lifetime of advice & support, and equally as nice being able to bring her over to see you and her sisters.

You have truly blessed us with such an amazing puppy, and at 19 weeks of age we can’t imagine life without her, so here’s to the next 12 or so years!


Yours gratefully

Louise & Chris










Hi Vickie

If you are on Facebook and want to follow Koda, here is his page:-





He is doing fantastic, passed his UKC Puppy Foundation Course in 5 Weeks (5 hours).  He is teething like crazy right now, lost all his top front teeth and has all his big boy teeth coming in.  He sleeps all through the night 7 hours thereabouts in our bedroom.  We leave his crate door open and he sleeps in it all night.  John Ward (the breed surveyor down here, well known in the GSD community) says Koda has an amazing temperament and breeding which is nice.  He runs on the beach most days (twice a day) off lead and loves other people and dogs (prefers people though).  His recall is amazing, he will come back to us from 500+ ft away even with all the distractions.  He has also swam a few times, Mike wore his fishing chest waders and went into a pond next to Gwithian Beach on the nature reserve, he called Koda to him and Koda swam to him albeit with a whine or two LOL.

We have switched him over to raw food and he is thriving.  No diarrhea since so we are really happy.  He is now 20kgs and solid, he is now getting very strong at tug o war.  He is a very happy dog, stubborn at times and likes to test the boundaries a lot but we love and adore him so much.  We can't imagine our lives without him now.  He spends most evenings with us in the living room on a 3 feet window ledge (coolest place in the house) or on the kitchen floor having some 'me' time which is also a cool place.

He goes everywhere with us (mostly), his favorite place to visit is his Grandma's (my mum), she makes a huge fuss of him and he knows it and laps it up.  He has a funny routine when he arrives there, he gets out of the car, runs straight into the back garden, goes potty then runs runs to the front door to see her.  Regular as clockwork, every time LOL.

Anyway Merry Christmas to you & yours.  Hope this finds you well.


Kind Regards

Brenna (Mike & Koda)



We purchased our Male GSD from Vickie on August 4th 2011. He is a very healthy fun loving puppy. He has a very kind nature towards people and socialises well with other dogs. He is eager to learn new tasks and has completed the Kennel Club Citizenship Puppy Award. We are now working to achieve our Kennel Club Citizenship Bronze Award. He has a trustworthy nature and is loyal to all family members. Here are some photographs:-














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